EMPERO took its first step into the industry in 1983 with the brand of Ersöz Kitchen Equipment and in 2005 gained a huge momentum in the sector by unifying its 5 companies, which are producing different needs of Industrial Kitchen Equipment, under the brand of EMPERO GROUP. EMPERO GROUP achieved to keep far ahead of its competitors in the market, by manufacturing; Preparation Equipment, Cafe Equipment, Dishwasher, Cooking Equipment, Cooling Equipment, Display Products, Shelves, Field Kitchens and Mobile Kitchens that are used by military and non-governmental organizations. Today, at the 37th Year of its presence, Empero is extending its production area to 45.000m2 total, which consists of 33.000m2 indoor and 12.000 m2 outdoor.
Besides manufacturing 3.000 different type of products under the same roof with its high technology machinery at its unique facility, EMPERO is also being solution partner for industrial kitchens and continues becoming a well-known global brand. Empero became the leading company of the industry by presenting its high quality products, which are produced by over 400 skilled production staff and presented to the market by the disciplined efforts of over 50 administrative and Sales staff and its 300 domestic and 290 abroad Sales points in 70 countries. Empero is providing flawless service under the motto “Kitchen of Business” with its more than 120 authorized service and keep growing with each passing day, while contributing to countries economy by exporting its products to more than 70 countries, which mainly exported to Europe by 52%. By doing so, Empero achieved to become one of the fastest growing companies on the world.
While designing its own products to be used easily anywhere in the world, Empero became first to import many high quality products which are not produced in Turkey, and became the point of interest in the local market as well, by supplying those products from global producers and presenting them under the brand “JP”. EMPERO also Thus provides maximum contentment to its distributors and customers. While keeping its innovative style without compromising from its quality policy, EMPERO aims to be the leading company of the industry in every field that it makes production. In order to invent new products and improve already existing ones, Empero gives big importance to R&D studies to serve appropriate solutions to all fields and budgets by bringing new understandings to the sector. With this understanding, EMPERO always continues making research, improving and investing and as a result, achieves to be the leading company in Turkey. Today, with flawless production and aftersales support, all the products that are presented by the signature of EMPERO, reflects the pleasure of quality and comfort to you.

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Thousands of products, which are essential in an any
industrial kitchen, await you in the greatest showroom in Europe, with the area of 6000m2.

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"EMPERO is the only factory in the world, which produces more
than 3.000 products under the same roof."

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